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Two Phase to Three Phase Converter :

Three-phase power is not always available. To keep cost down, often only one phase is fed from a street transformer to a house. There are two options, if an industrial machine has to be connected. Installation cost for three-phase power lines may be high. Single to three- phase converters are another good solution. phase convert Two phase 415V into three phase 380V, 400V or 415V.

BOOSTER: Standard converters for multi-motor applications. Motors will produce 100% nameplate torque

continuously, up to 200% during start-up or excessive loads. One output socket.

BOOSTER E: High performance converters for all single and multi-motor applications and all hard-start conditions. Motors will produce 100% of nameplate torque continuously and up to 600% during motor start-ups and excessive loads. Two output sockets. For all motor start-stop, reverse, hard-start conditions (metal lathes, wheel balancers, irrigation pumps, conveyors, elevators, refrigeration systems, compressors, deep submersible pumps, hydraulic systems...).

Input voltage is 380V, output voltage is 3x 380-415V.

2-Phase To 3-Phase Converter

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