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Servo Stabilizer 1KVA Single Phase

Servo Voltage Stabilizers come out in a diverse option of output and input voltage range fit for different applications in institutions, industries, and residences, etc. that have imported and indigenous instrument, machines and gadgets. Servo Voltage Stabilizers are priced affordably and the manufacturers are highly concerned about meeting the quality standards. These stabilizers are widely finding its use in various industry settings, like flour mills, cement plants, pharmaceutical units, engineering units, multiplexes, cold storage, paper mills, rolling mills, rice sellers, textile mills, etc. Servo Stabilizers are fabricated with high-grade materials to ensure string and durable and to withstand severe environmental conditions. Servo Voltage Stabilizer offers protection against over load, short circuit, under voltage, over voltage and other specific requirements.

Typical Names of Servo Stabilizer:

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Transformer

Stabilizer Servo type


Servo Stabilizer

Servo Stabiliser

Difference between Voltage Stabilizer & Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Normally it depends on the application. Suppose we have air conditioner or refrigerator then voltage stabilizer will be most fit. On the second side we have some Analytical Equipment, medical equipment or some sophisticated item, then one should go for servo voltage stabilizer because these item may require precise voltage. Besides this there are lot following technical difference between voltage stabilizer & Servo Voltage Stabilizer :

ParametersVoltage StabilizerServo Voltage Stabilizer
Voltage Variation220V /-10%220V /- 1%
Voltage Correction Time15 volt/sec
AvailabilityAvailable upto 7.5 KVAAvilable upto 3000 kva
Component UsedRelaysServo Motor
ReliabilityNot much RuggedRugged
PhaseAvailable in Single Phase OnlyAvailable in Single phase & Three Phase
CostingCheaperLittle Expensive because of Technology

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