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Single Phase To Three Phase Converter

Single Phase To Three Phase Converter
Single phase to 3 phase for motors offered by us is high in performance, low on maintenance and is used in diverse industries, textile motors and other areas. Widely used to reduce of breakdown of electrical equipment, our range is also suitable for saving energy and require low maintenance.

BOOSTER: Standard converters for multi-motor applications. Motors will produce 100% nameplate torque
continuously, up to 200% during start-up or excessive loads. One output socket.

BOOSTER E: High performance converters for all single and multi-motor applications and all hard-start conditions. Motors will produce 100% of nameplate torque continuously and up to 600% during motor start-ups and excessive loads. Two output sockets. For all motor start-stop, reverse, hard-start conditions (metal lathes, wheel balancers, irrigation pumps, conveyors, elevators, refrigeration systems, compressors, deep submersible pumps, hydraulic systems...).

Input voltage is 1x 220-240V, output voltage is 3x 380-415V.

Single Phase To Three Phase Converter

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