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VFD Line & Load Chokes. VFD Line & Load Chokes are offered in different configurations of foot or flange mount with the choice in natural or forced air cooling. Easy to install on the variable frequency drives on both input (line) and output (load) side, these chokes completely ensure the impedance matching, di/dt protection and harmonic mitigation. Using these types of chokes, minimizes the damage to drives caused due to transient voltage, surge currents, and noise. We are also dealing in Export areas like Europe, Africa and Middle East countries Features : Can be installed on both input and output side of VFD Di/dt protection Offer impedance matching and harmonic mitigation Complete protection to drive from transient voltage, noise and surge currents Lowers the cable length requirement from drive to load Can be foot or flange mounted Option of natural or forced air cooling
  • 2017-05-03T17:08:07

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